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Wine and Social media: a powerful duet?

There are those who consider the marriage between wine and social media to be a difficult one. The mistake is, in this sense, trying to ride the wave of their success without knowing their logic.

“Yet wine was born social already 3500 years ago, when during symposia people discussed war, politics, made decisions on the government of the city”. This is the sentence recalled by the owner of Cantine Barbera, during the Social Media Week Rome 2016.
The idea of wine as sharing, in short, is much older than social strategies and the like, but now it must learn to coexist with them.

A look at wine consumption among Millennials, as a start, can give considerable insight into how the product is perceived by a strategic target. Like the rest of food and beverage, wine is considered a “trendy”, “fashionable” product, to consume on a social occasion.

Most consumers choose wine on the basis of past experience, demonstrating loyalty to their reference brands.
Those who buy wines from a specific vineyard or a specific geographical area for the first time. On the other hand, they rely on the advice of various influencers, be they friends or the staff of their trusted wine shop.
Figures like these already highlight a fundamental problem for the wine sector: the difficulty of branding.
In other words, few wine brands are perceived and remembered by consumers as such.

The role of Social Media

Compared to five years ago, those operating in the wine sector seem to be more aware of the importance of tools such as these. It is no coincidence that investment in social media marketing has increased.

Talking of wine, what counts is the quality of the bottles and the balance between tradition and innovation. This is very true. Aunyway, that is no longer enough.

In a world that is connected all day long, it is important to publicize your products and quality. You need to show people the identity of your company and the beautiful creations that nature and human hands give us together.

Which social media is the best to choose?
Each social network is better suited to a certain type of content:

  • Youtube is perfect for videos that tell the company’s news, both behind the scenes and in an official way. For this reason, don’t underestimate the idea of investing in professional drone videos.
  • Instagram is great for videos, stories, and photos. If your target audience is very young, Instagram is definitely the social media you should evaluate more.
  • Pinterest is also great for images.
  • Linkedin is a great social network, especially for the B2B market.

Wine is full of beautiful images and landscapes: always remember that you are lucky, there is wonderful content in front of your eyes every day, and it should be exploited!

Integrate online & offline strategy

Some notes in favor of offline marketing to work on online:

  • Wine clubs: their communities need to be involved.
  • Create a link between the company offline and online.
  • Try to work on social media marketing that, through good content and accurate information, makes people want to visit your company.

In conclusion, being present on social media represents a unique opportunity for the Wine & Spirits sector, which you should exploit to the best of your ability.

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