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How to find your perfect perfume? Guerlain’s answer

Guerlain, the house of the luxury group LVMH, offers an emotional and olfactory experience to its customers to answer the question: how to find your perfect perfume? This experience accompanies them in the discovery of their favorite perfume. Discover your favorite fragrance Baptized Mindscent, this experience is available in the boutique. This experience is based on a neural helmet, a visual interface and artificial intelligence. The Mindscent solution designed by Capacités, the development subsidiary of the University of Nantes, makes it possible to evaluate the emotions provoked by a fragrance in order to refine the customer’s choice.

Science at the service of emotion

After initiating fragrant conversations with the Olfaplay application and setting up one-to-one consultations via the Google Home wizard, Guerlain launches Mindscent. A new experience within its physical points of sale.

Thought of as an emotional and olfactory journey, Mindscent took its first steps in Paris. Precisely in the heart of the House’s prestigious flagship store on the Champs Elysées. Lasting approximately five minutes, this new experience is the result of a collaboration between Guerlain’s digital team and researchers from the University of Nantes. Firstly, based on an innovation called “Neurokiff”, it allows real-time capture of alpha; beta and gamma waves emitted by the brain. Secondly, there is a reinterpretation of these signals in terms of positive or negative emotions.

Mindscent fragrance finder inspired by Guerlain brings a new perfume  experience to Guerlain boutiques - LVMH

Mindscent, the answer to how to find your perfect fragrance…

Transcribed at the point of sale, the principle is as simple as it is fun. Thanks to a neural helmet and a brand expert, consumers can discover four olfactory families blindly. These families are: fresh, floral, oriental, woody. In fact, a questionnaire is then presented to you through the application, along with a series of “aspirational” images. After having tested, always blindly, several scent recommendations, your “favorite” fragrance is displayed, illustrated in the form of a podium. The lucky one? One of the 110 fragrances of the House, founded in 1828. Therefore, this is a way to arouse consumer curiosity, boost drive-to-store sales and capitalize on the most fashionable scientific tools for matching and personalizing scents; such as the algorithm deployed by DNVB Sillages Paris.

In conclusion, for the Guerlain house, many other horizons are possible thanks to artificial intelligence. For instance, creating a sort of encyclopedia of fragrances to identify the path that leads to the creation of a new fragrance. Furthermore, another track would consist in exploring if a perfume reflects the particular features, of character of a person.

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