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Digital Wine Marketing: a new communication style

Tasting a good glass of red wine can also become a virtual and interactive experience, made possible by Cloud computing. And Digital Wine Marketing can help you.

Proof of this is the collaboration between one of the historic wineries of this area. Indeed, Ciacci Piccolomini D’Aragona, has given life to the “Digital wine tasting” project. They realized it together with Microsoft and Si-Net.

These companies organized the debut on the occasion of the “Benvenuto Brunello 2020” week, with the presentation of the new Montalcino lines.
In the selection, there were: Rosso di Montalcino DOC, Brunello di Montalcino DOCG Annata and Brunello di Montalcino DOCG Pianrosso.

A precious collaboration

The protagonist of this technological innovation is the collaboration, messaging, and video-conferencing platform Microsoft Teams. Also, they worked together with Microsoft’s collaboration with Si-Net.

Using digital wine marketing is part of a wider digital transformation process that revolves around Microsoft Cloud Computing. In particular, the implementation of the Office 365 productivity platform, once again with the support of Si-Net.

What is the aim?
Rethink productivity and business models to inaugurate a new way of communicating. Indeed, interacting with customers and wine lovers around the world will look different from now.

The partnership launch

The first connection of the ‘digital tasting‘ took place with Montalcino from the Microsoft house in Milan.

The Bianchini family, owners of the winery, led the live tasting of great Tuscan wines. They wanted to highlight the organoleptic characteristics of the new wines.

In the future, the Digital Wine Tasting will be extended to other occasions on a global scale.

Thanks to technology, there will no longer be any geographical barriers and the time and costs that we spend on traveling will decrease.
As many wineries generate around 80% of their sales from foreign sales, 30% of which are in the US. By using Teams will make it easier to connect with customers and wine lovers further afield.

The wine sector is a market where direct contact between people is the essential element for buying and selling. Cloud Computing helps us to be ready and responsive. It allows us to better manage information and documents and above all to collaborate in new ways. We will be able to connect in real-time, both internally and with partners, customers and suppliers.

Thanks to the simplicity of a tool like Microsoft Teams, which facilitates communication and enables new modes of interaction and video-streaming, it is possible to rethink even experiences with a long history.
In fact, it is possible to reinvent the best wine tours and open up new opportunities for a truly borderless world.

Digital Wine Tasting: the future for the sector

Digital Wine Tasting has the power to become a new standard for the entire industry so that the taste of good wine can become increasingly popular in Italy and abroad while respecting efficiency and sustainability.

This first collaboration between the worlds of the cloud and vineyards demonstrates the importance that digital marketing and innovation are beginning to have in the sector.

Being up-to-date and always connected will be a prerequisite for meeting future challenges. Companies around the world are becoming increasingly digital, so be part of the change!

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