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AI & Robotics, exciting emergence in luxury hotels

Holiday accommodation rentals, hotels, restaurants, transport and all other services related to tourism take advantage of the latest technologies. Including AI & Robotics, to optimise their logistics and save time for travellers. Artificial intelligence is set to play a major role in the evolution and renewal of the tourism industry. A hotel room automatically personalised …

Fashion & Accessories

AI & AR creating a new shopping experience

According to McKinsey & Co, the global fashion industry profit has suffered a massive setback in 2020: -93% compared to 2019. While it is almost superfluous to point out the reasons for this, many brands are reacting towards simplifying operations. Above all, the period of difficulty has demonstrated the lack of resilience of the industry …

Fashion & Accessories

The Era of Smart Apparel Solutions

Technology on the skin. With the use of new technologies, you can easily transform orange peels into precious scarves of multiple colours. .Additionally, fabrics that are sensitive to light, iridescent and chameleonic, flowing through the light spectrum and fading to black. Glossy. How much has fashion changed and what does it promise in the encounter …

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