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Cosmetics & Perfumes

Wikiparfum, the new search engine for perfumes

Launched last summer, the Wikiparfum platform offers users the possibility to discover the notes and olfactory families of their favorite perfume, as well as those that are close to them among 5000 references of conventional and niche perfumery. An accessible and unique source of references and an additional way for the group to meet the expectations of an increasingly curious public.

Wine & Spirits

Algo-Wine: a wine algorithm for the grape harvest

The German-Italian company ORS Group with the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Turin, the American Cornell University, and the Istituto Enologico Umberto I in Alba created something really new. They worked together to develop a wine algorithm to optimize the 2020 grape harvest.Thanks to data collected from the production area they elaborated “Algo-Wine”. …

Fashion & Accessories

How does the sneakers resell market work

Is the world of sneakers becoming the next Wall Street? Yes – it is! StockX is surely the face of reselling sneakers platforms worldwide. StockX is an online marketplace and clothing reseller, primarily of sneakers. Users can buy and sell verified rare pieces without any risk of being scammed. Josh Luber founded StockX only four years …

Fashion & Accessories

A tech-watch; The benefits of smartwatches

The latest generation of smartwatches battery durability is quite strong as it can last for many hours by performing multiple tasks. In addition to monitoring physical well-being and sporting activity through a series of tools, they also perform many other functions. Smartwatches are part of the world of wearable technology. The benefits of smartwatches are …

Fashion & Accessories

A Shift to Sustainable Conscious Fashion

For many years now, we have been talking about safeguarding the planet and protecting people. Many are the industries that are considering this issue such as Hospitality. However, today, more than ever, we must apply these concepts to fashion, the second most polluting industry in the world. Transforming it into a more sustainable sector that …


How hotels of the future are going to look like?

Simple places of passage for some, hotels also prove to be a mirror of changes in society. Often adopting major societal and technological developments with a time lag. At the same time, they also know how to distinguish themselves as laboratories for tomorrow’s trends. Architecture, design, well-being, gastronomy, the strike force of the large hotel …

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