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The Era of Smart Apparel Solutions

Technology on the skin. With the use of new technologies, you can easily transform orange peels into precious scarves of multiple colours. .Additionally, fabrics that are sensitive to light, iridescent and chameleonic, flowing through the light spectrum and fading to black. Glossy. How much has fashion changed and what does it promise in the encounter with technology? Therefore, Fashion is about to take an invitation to the future.  It is the beginning of smart apparel solutions.

Further, the world of Fashion does not miss one of the most important appointments with the revolution of Industry 4.0. Technology meets design, chooses, and modifies fibres, follows and interprets research to create hi-tech fabrics. Moreover, protagonists of the international catwalks and magic instruments of the creativity of the most important fashion designers.

AI in fashion industry

Similarly, AI in fashion industry is more alive than ever in technology interaction. Moreover, movements, sensors, fibres, and polymers crossed by invisible and photoluminescent wires transform creations into futuristic wrappings. Consequently, shapes like clouds move on light-sensitive bodies capable of storing solar energy, useful to recharge your smartphone. Carbon fibre clothes for sports, compatible with the work activities of police or medical personnel. Intelligent adaptive fabrics can change conditions of temperature and light, Ink and technology give life to iridescent fabrics. Bio medics, medicine and form meet and interpret new aesthetic possibilities. Giving the very idea of clothing a totally new meaning. Wearing becomes, now, living with the dress. Listening, letting oneself be listened to by fibres and lines.

Smart Apparel combining Fashion and Tech Companies

Moreover, the time of Machine Learning and AI is moving with rapid and increasingly decisive turns towards the concept of a hi-tech smart apparel solutions laboratory. If up to now, in fact, the tailor’s laboratory has been the centre of the work of fashion houses, now the term laboratory takes on more than ever the idea of a place of scientific research. The light of the crystals and stones sewn on the clothes is now LED. Smart Apparel takes on a character that goes beyond the aspect of rewriting aesthetic canons.

Its character as a new economic modulator is extremely important. In addition, Fashion companies are collaborating with industries specialized in technology, sustainability, biomedicine, healthcare and agri-food. Hybrid fibres are born from the waste of Sicilian oranges synthesized in the laboratory by Orange Fiber, a fashion Tech company born from a startup that has conquered the Ferragamo collections. Hybrid are the synthetic fibres of the American Bolt Threads that reproduce silk starting from proteins that resemble those woven by spiders for their webs. Furthermore, technology applied to fashion is above all eco-friendly. A turning point in the ethical production that imagines a future not only closer to technological research and experimentation between fashion and research but, above all, sensitive to the reduction of the environmental cost of the textile industry.

To conclude, the future of fashion, in a Fashion Tech key, designs personalized usability paths, of products made in line with the specific needs of the user. Fashion moves from the idea of the mass to that of the individual. Moreover, proximity consolidates the already flourishing fashion market that finds Italy among the undisputed protagonists of the sector and that in the world contributes to more than 2% of the world GDP.

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