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Moët transforms the digital marketing wine industry

Even as one of the oldest industries in the world, the wines & spirits industry are not unaffected by digitalization. The famous French luxury Champaign house, Moët Hennessy, has jumped on the bandwagon by launching several digital marketing wine industry initiatives.

Moët Hennessy digital marketing: Snapchat

Using Snapchat as a marketing platform, its two-player Snapchat game puts a modern spin on the classic French brand. It involves a crowd-sourced Instagram experience that uses voice activated content to reach younger generations. “Moët & Chandon Tower Toss” was part of their holiday campaign “The greatest Entertainer”. The game requires two people to shoot a champagne cork at a four-layer Moët tower of Champaign. This way, Moët aims to not only get their customer’s attention in a natural and customized way. Snapchat is an open and interactive ecosystem and is therefore an ideal platform to build customer experience beyond traditional advertising.

The perfect Match

Another innovate digital marketing wine industry initiative is the launch of the second season of “The Perfect Match”. Following the huge success of the first edition, they reunited Cellar Master Benoît Gouez and Yannick Alléno. The latter being a three-Michelin starred Chef and the former a Moët & Chandon Ambassador form an excellent team. So the idea is that these experts in taste and their special guests demonstrate their talents in six new episodes.

In the episodes there will be a dialogue between excellent dishes and exceptional champagnes. In the first season Benoît Gouez challenged chef Yannick Alléno to create dishes that fit his selected champagnes. However, he particularity about the second season is the reverse of the roles. In each episode Yannick Alléno will ask a chef from his international team to prepare a dish inspired by their native country.

Online expansion fostering digital marketing wine industry

Moët Hennessy continuously expands its online presence to reach more customers online. A couple of years ago, they extended their partnership with Thirstie and launched a new website. Clos19 is an ecommerce that sells high-end online spirits to customers in the US. The website uses technology from Thirstie which connects brands’ websites to local retailers. So, those brands can sell directly to its customers. Those retailers also meet the specialized packaging standards, such as including customer’s personalized messages.

In addition, Moët Hennessy innovation also rolled out a skill on Amazon’s Alexa device. That skill is to educate customers about champagne. Called Bottles and Bubbles it can provide information on how to store the alcohol or how to use it in cocktails. Moët commits to digitalization and leverages its potential to build the desirability of its luxury brand and to increase its customer focus.

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