How Millennials has transformed hospitality industry

The most nomadic and connected generation is also the one which has the most choice to consume. “Y” or “millennials” have forced the players in all markets to rack their brains to attract their attention. On the front line, the hotel business and its reputation as a rigid and ultra-codified sector. Which cannot fail to capture this clientele of the future. Now, let’s find out how Millennials has transformed hospitality.

The age range for defining millennials varies according to the definitions. Some see a wide range, between 20 and 40 years old, others place their dates of birth between 1985 and 1995. In both cases, they have grown up with the development of the internet.

And, almost a decade ago, the first of them started working. Since then, they have been able to afford to consume without their parents. A new clientele that had to be captured especially in the hotel business.

It is therefore essential to appeal to these new consumers. Thus, we have seen the creation of new brands born with these codes in mind. Such as Mama Shelter and Generator. Among others, but also the development of new subsidiaries by large groups. Thus, Marriott and AccorHotels launched Moxy and Tribe respectively.

Millennials has transformed hospitality by being connected and demanding

For all these players, it was first necessary to define what appealed to the millennials. They did it by analysing what the hundreds of millions of individuals who make up this generation had in common. For the CEO of Generator, it’s a cloud of key words: “style, comfort, fair price, customisable experience and flexibility”. Not all of these qualities fit the pre-millennials in the hotel business.

Generator, Amsterdam
Generator Amsterdam

So what’s the recipe for attracting this ultra-connected clientele? For Jérémie Trigano, CEO of Mama Shelter, the key is transparency. “We can no longer do traditional comics and marketing with fictionalized photos that don’t reflect reality. Thanks to the internet, millennials know everything about your concept before they even set foot in it. »

Millennials has transformed hospitality thanks to a proven recipe

A concept that has proved its worth: rooms with a clean design, large common areas, good food and drink. To blend in with the rest of the premises. In short, an experience, more than just a room.

“Experience” is a word that often comes up in the mouths of hospitality industry players. In addition to design and price, it is important to offer unique and personalised experiences. At Moxy, for example, a customer with a passion for music can enjoy a turntable in his or her room accompanied by vinyl records.

Mama London's with 195 rooms
One of Mama London’s with 195 rooms

These small attentions are added to the gradual disappearance of classic receptions. As well as the appearance of check-in at the bar, which is less cold or guides to living “like a room”, such as the GenFriends application developed by Generator.

Airbnb, an earthquake…

Deep but necessary, transformations. Indeed, this new clientele is not content to simply change its way of consuming. They have also grown up with the disruption of many services. Some of which seemed untouchable, from taxis to physical retail. The hotel business, for its part, had to face new competition: Airbnb. Immersion, experiences, home away from home… everything is there to seduce the thirty-year-old city-breaker.

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