How hotels of the future are going to look like?

Simple places of passage for some, hotels also prove to be a mirror of changes in society. Often adopting major societal and technological developments with a time lag. At the same time, they also know how to distinguish themselves as laboratories for tomorrow’s trends. Architecture, design, well-being, gastronomy, the strike force of the large hotel groups offer them a boldness that many small structures could not afford. We take stock of the 10 trends that are shaping the hotels of the future.

Hotels of the future will be even more luxurious

Jungle Hotel
The Rosemont Hotel and Residences Dubai has a 75,000-square-foot rainforest on its roof.

If the global financial crisis at the end of the 2000s slowed down the craziest real estate and hotel projects. We are witnessing a resurgence in the opening of hotels in the grand luxury segment, or even ultra luxury? Paris is particularly symbolic of this race for opulence. As shown by the opening of the Peninsula Paris, which would have cost its Qatari and Chinese investors the trifle of a billion dollars (750 million euros). Another striking example: the opening in Ibiza within the Hard Rock Hotel of an “experiential” restaurant. It is charging no less than 1,500 euros for its menu. Demand from the most affluent for ever more luxury seems to be exponential.

Hotels of the future: less is more

Although it may seem antinomic, many of the wealthiest clients seek to flee the big hotels. glitz and glamour resorts, gilders and hunters preferring more intimate and discreet places. Emergence of boutique hotels in the luxury segment such as Aman Resorts is the best proof of this.

The omnipresence of technology

Technology in Hotels

If technological innovations were initially difficult for hoteliers to integrate. we are now witnessing an avalanche of services based on new technologies and connectivity in the hotels that have opened in recent years. It means disrupting the more traditional clientele! At the Peninsula, an ultra-perfected home automation system, makes it possible to control everything in the room that can be controlled.

There is no need to spend 1,000 euros a night to get the best of the latest technology. Andaz Liverpool Street in London: you can order dinner from room service using an iOS or Android app. At the very successful citizem M Times Square in New York, there is also a tablet to control the temperature, lighting, curtains or TV. Hotel Alma in Barcelona: you can use your fingerprint to enter your room. As for the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, it offers fibre optics in every room. And gives each guest an RFID bracelet allowing them to access their rooms without contact. In order to connect to Facebook and Twitter on the screens that are omnipresent in the hotel. And of course to pay for everything without having to go out and pay cash or credit card.

The importance of the wow effect

Hotels of the future, underwater

Having luxurious rooms, Clefs d’Or concierges, a prestigious spa and a gourmet restaurant is not always enough. Especially in areas where competition is fierce. From now on, you have to rely on what Anglo-Saxons call the “wow effect” (or “whaouh effect” in VF). In order to differentiate yourself from the competition and make people talk about you.

It can be a small detail (the nail dryer at the Peninsula Paris). The presence of an internationally renowned chef (Alain Ducasse at Le Meurice and Plaza-Athénée). A new service (The Lodge at Doonbeg in Ireland offers you to find your Irish ancestors thanks to its in-house genealogist). Original accessories (the acoustic guitars of the Royal Monceau)
The risk? The superfluous gadgetry of the hotel to the detriment of what is really important.

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