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Dior snapchat filter: balancing innovation & heritage

Whilst the whole fashion industry was strongly affected by the current crisis, Dior has shown more resilience than ever. Expanding their Dior digital marketing initiatives, Christian Dior launched a number of innovative initiatives in the recent months. Ever since its inception, Dior managed to successfully combine heritage and innovation. Now more than ever, their creative field is expanding beyond manufacturing products of excellence.

Dior snapchat filter

For the launch of its new Dior-ID sneakers, Dior teamed up with Snapchat to provide an exclusive Dior virtual reality experience. To celebrate the in-store launch of the new model, the Dior snapchat filter allows each user to virtually try on the sneakers. Potential customers are able to virtually try on the four versions of the sneakers from home and can purchase them via the brands’ website. In addition, they celebrate the launch of Dior’s B27 sneaker range in a similar fashion. The luxurious B27 range is inspired by vintage looks from the universe of skateboarders. In combination with the iconic Dior logo and refined leather they strike an excellent balance between innovation and heritage. By using the snapchat filter to launch this line they embrace innovation and provide a better customer experience.

Dior personalization services & 3D experiences

Last December Dior launched a lens which enabled the possibility to view products in three dimensions. With the Dior virtual reality experience, customers were able to view various models of the Dior Book Tote in 3D. In addition, they linked this experience with the ABC Dior Personalization services. The Dior personalization services are available online and in a selection of stores around the world. Dior allows its customers to personalize their sneakers, the J’Adior shoes and also handbags. In addition, also Dior personalization also allows customers to put their personal signature on their perfume bottle before purchasing it.

Social Networks

Instagram is one of the main networks that Dior uses as it is an image-centric medium. For Dior, selecting the right influencers is a crucial step to extend its brand image. This strategy allows them to add a new dimension to their communication. Today customers will see the products used by famous brand ambassadors such as Marion Cotillard. But they will also see it worn in a more informal context when visiting Caro Daur’s Instagram profile.


Dior has organized a livestreaming parade in China on several platforms including Douyin, Tencent, Weibo and Huawei. It was a tremendous success as they had almost 30 million visitors. Secondly, broadcasting their recent fashion shows online also was a huge success.

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