Digital transformation of hospitality is changing CX

Like many industries, hospitality is undergoing major changes due to the digitalization. Hospitality is the number-one service differentiator and therefore there are endless possibilities to offer upgraded and memorable experiences. Consumers already saw an explosion of new service offerings that are technology and digital driven. With the influence of the current pandemic this digital transformation hospitality will continue to disrupt the industry.

Technology hospitality industry – Personalization

With the use of artificial intelligence, hotels can determine customer preferences. For example this allows them to determine whether a guest is interested in spa treatments or golf packages based on previous website searches. Hence, this allows them to offer these possibilities preemptively.

Furthermore, hotels are also experimenting with facial recognition technology. These technologies allow a smoother experience, quick check-in procedure and makes keys unnecessary. The use of a glimpse of customer’s faces will be the basis to charge everything instantly. Also, restaurants might offer you food and drinks based on your past orders.


The digital transformation of hospitality involves new ways of communication with the customers There are plenty of apps that can keep guests connected along every step of the way. These apps maker it easier for customers to communicate with their hotels of choice. In addition, a lot of hotels also use tech lounges, location-based services and mobile hubs to increase the overall customer experience. Secondly, a lot of hotels are experimenting with voice activation so that guests can ask everything to the in-room assistant.

Digital marketing hospitality

All these initiatives boil down to the key principle of reaching the right customer at the right time and at the right place. Furthermore it is about encouraging customers to share their opinions online over social medial and through word of mouth. Therefore, customers now see targeted advertisement from their favorite hotels at their favorite destinations. Targeted marketing increases conversion and makes the potential customer happier as they see relevant ads. What they see is a seamless individualized experiences that is perceived as especially built for them. In addition, thanks to the virtual reality tour they can virtually test the hotel before making their booking.

These trends are technologies are only the top of the iceberg. The hospitality sector is transforming at fast pace which opens the doors for new technologies yet to come. New waves of technological advancement, including AI and AR will guide the disruption. Over the next few years, new and exciting levels of digital transformation will offer a superior customer experience.

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