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Covid-19  & enterprise digital transformation

The advent of Covid-19 and enterprise digital transformation have brought a sudden halt to part of the world wine sector. Indeed, it is the one most closely linked to direct sales to the consumer and the sector.

After an initial moment of understandable bewilderment, like all sectors, the wine sector got back on track despite the anomalous economic and social situation, full of uncertainties.
Through more or less professional approaches, the protagonists in the sector – companies, consortia, and bodies – needed to change. They have begun a consistent process of reflection and rethinking of their own reality.

As Wine Intelligence‘s research shows, the factors that will have the greatest impact on the value of wine in the near future are to be found in:

  • greater use of digital technology
  • consumer awareness of their buying experience
  • the growing critical approach to the ethical and environmental sustainability of the product and work
  • the shift in purchasing

The “online” trend of enterprise digital transformation

Much research shows that consumers increasingly want to shop online. How did they act before the last pandemic in the world occurred?

First, they would simply search for information on different grape varieties and vintages online. Then, they used to go to their local wine shop to complete the purchase. Since the pandemic arrived, the increased use of digital tools has changed.

Due to digitalization, consumers today want to be able to buy online and want all their favorite brands and producers to be there, available for them.

How should companies react to digitalization and to the pandemic?

The months of lockdown, common to all people, have therefore been the ideal time for companies to rethink their strategies from the ground up.
To question themselves about brand identity, the qualities that determine its authenticity. To change their business models, and the marketing and communication strategies adopted to date.

The companies also rethink its product and the organization of their human resources.
(Have a look at this digital reorganization process with the introduction of AI at this link  to our article “Algo-Wine: an algorithm to optimize the grape harvest”)

The work of reflection is, therefore, the preliminary and necessary step to move the companies from passivity to action.
Or, rather, to stimulate it to undertake the necessary measures of change to adapt to the current situation. They need to respond to the demands coming from the economic environment in which they are inserted.

Some trends that were already present and applied in the wine-producing companies but were considered of secondary importance have been given a new lease of life during the lockdown period due to changing consumer trends.

During the pandemic, wine e-commerce and online purchasing data set a positive precedent that will continue after the lockdown.

To survive in the future Wine & Spirits market, limiting oneself to an offline presence is no longer enough. It is necessary to adapt to the ongoing digital revolution and to be present for consumers.

Due to digitalization, innovation in this sector has become a necessity and digital marketing and digital tools are the best means at our disposal in order to achieve success in this endeavor.

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