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Moët transforms the digital marketing wine industry

Even as one of the oldest industries in the world, the wines & spirits industry are not unaffected by digitalization. The famous French luxury Champaign house, Moët Hennessy, has jumped on the bandwagon by launching several digital marketing wine industry initiatives. Moët Hennessy digital marketing: Snapchat Using Snapchat as a marketing platform, its two-player Snapchat …

Wine & Spirits

Digital Wine Marketing: a new communication style

Tasting a good glass of red wine can also become a virtual and interactive experience, made possible by Cloud computing. And Digital Wine Marketing can help you. Proof of this is the collaboration between one of the historic wineries of this area. Indeed, Ciacci Piccolomini D’Aragona, has given life to the “Digital wine tasting” project. …

Wine & Spirits

Algo-Wine: a wine algorithm for the grape harvest

The German-Italian company ORS Group with the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Turin, the American Cornell University, and the Istituto Enologico Umberto I in Alba created something really new. They worked together to develop a wine algorithm to optimize the 2020 grape harvest.Thanks to data collected from the production area they elaborated “Algo-Wine”. …

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