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Digital transformation of hospitality is changing CX

Like many industries, hospitality is undergoing major changes due to the digitalization. Hospitality is the number-one service differentiator and therefore there are endless possibilities to offer upgraded and memorable experiences. Consumers already saw an explosion of new service offerings that are technology and digital driven. With the influence of the current pandemic this digital transformation …


How hotels of the future are going to look like?

Simple places of passage for some, hotels also prove to be a mirror of changes in society. Often adopting major societal and technological developments with a time lag. At the same time, they also know how to distinguish themselves as laboratories for tomorrow’s trends. Architecture, design, well-being, gastronomy, the strike force of the large hotel …


AI & Robotics, exciting emergence in luxury hotels

Holiday accommodation rentals, hotels, restaurants, transport and all other services related to tourism take advantage of the latest technologies. Including AI & Robotics, to optimise their logistics and save time for travellers. Artificial intelligence is set to play a major role in the evolution and renewal of the tourism industry. A hotel room automatically personalised …

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