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Cosmetics & Perfumes

The use of artificial intelligence in beauty industry

Consumer behavior and expectations are undergoing a major transformation. The beauty industry needs to innovate and deliver new experience to stay relevant in this market. Major beauty ecommerce brands use artificial intelligence in beauty industry and augmented reality to improve the overall customer experience. Artificial intelligence in beauty industry: personalized services Next-level personalization is a …

Cosmetics & Perfumes

Claire, the new app for cosmetic ingredients analysis

Will we finally have the truth about the ingredients used in cosmetics? The Federation of Beauty Companies (Febea) is launching an application to analyze the ingredients used in cosmetic products. The mobile app should inform salespeople and customers. It is positioned as a response to a Yuka-type application, which is not quoted, but implicitly criticized. In particular, the use of barcodes and simplistic algorithms is opposed by Febea.

Cosmetics & Perfumes

Wikiparfum, the new search engine for perfumes

Launched last summer, the Wikiparfum platform offers users the possibility to discover the notes and olfactory families of their favorite perfume, as well as those that are close to them among 5000 references of conventional and niche perfumery. An accessible and unique source of references and an additional way for the group to meet the expectations of an increasingly curious public.

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