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Fashion & Accessories

Dior snapchat filter: balancing innovation & heritage

Whilst the whole fashion industry was strongly affected by the current crisis, Dior has shown more resilience than ever. Expanding their Dior digital marketing initiatives, Christian Dior launched a number of innovative initiatives in the recent months. Ever since its inception, Dior managed to successfully combine heritage and innovation. Now more than ever, their creative …


Digital transformation of hospitality is changing CX

Like many industries, hospitality is undergoing major changes due to the digitalization. Hospitality is the number-one service differentiator and therefore there are endless possibilities to offer upgraded and memorable experiences. Consumers already saw an explosion of new service offerings that are technology and digital driven. With the influence of the current pandemic this digital transformation …

Wine & Spirits

Moët transforms the digital marketing wine industry

Even as one of the oldest industries in the world, the wines & spirits industry are not unaffected by digitalization. The famous French luxury Champaign house, Moët Hennessy, has jumped on the bandwagon by launching several digital marketing wine industry initiatives. Moët Hennessy digital marketing: Snapchat Using Snapchat as a marketing platform, its two-player Snapchat …

Cosmetics & Perfumes

The use of artificial intelligence in beauty industry

Consumer behavior and expectations are undergoing a major transformation. The beauty industry needs to innovate and deliver new experience to stay relevant in this market. Major beauty ecommerce brands use artificial intelligence in beauty industry and augmented reality to improve the overall customer experience. Artificial intelligence in beauty industry: personalized services Next-level personalization is a …

Fashion & Accessories

Digital luxury trends that dominate the industry

Digital is the driver of growth for the luxury industry and this trend is set to continue. Digital fashion trends in the luxury industry reshape the whole industry. More precisely, it changes the way brands engage and interact with their customers. Secondly, customer’s behaviors and attitudes towards luxury brands are changing as well. Today, luxury …

Wine & Spirits

Digital Wine Marketing: a new communication style

Tasting a good glass of red wine can also become a virtual and interactive experience, made possible by Cloud computing. And Digital Wine Marketing can help you. Proof of this is the collaboration between one of the historic wineries of this area. Indeed, Ciacci Piccolomini D’Aragona, has given life to the “Digital wine tasting” project. …

Cosmetics & Perfumes

Claire, the new app for cosmetic ingredients analysis

Will we finally have the truth about the ingredients used in cosmetics? The Federation of Beauty Companies (Febea) is launching an application to analyze the ingredients used in cosmetic products. The mobile app should inform salespeople and customers. It is positioned as a response to a Yuka-type application, which is not quoted, but implicitly criticized. In particular, the use of barcodes and simplistic algorithms is opposed by Febea.

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