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Algo-Wine: a wine algorithm for the grape harvest

The German-Italian company ORS Group with the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Turin, the American Cornell University, and the Istituto Enologico Umberto I in Alba created something really new. They worked together to develop a wine algorithm to optimize the 2020 grape harvest.
Thanks to data collected from the production area they elaborated “Algo-Wine”.

How does it work?

The algorithm works to obtain “the best possible quality of wine from the vineyard, harvesting the grapes at the perfect moment of ripeness”. Thanks to the exact prediction of when the berry will reach it, they were able to harvest costs by optimizing it. Mathematical.

A large amount of digital information on temperature, light, and exposure, rainfall, dew is collected and processed by Algo-Wine.
Depending on the type of wine to produce, the algorithm indicates the best time to harvest the grapes. Moreover, it guides the subsequent production steps such as fermentation of grapes and pressing.
All this benefits the quality of the final product and keeps production costs down.

Until now, it was up to the winegrower and/or winemaker to taste the grapes day after day. They were in charge of assessing their texture, color, skin thickness. They considered also, the flavor, as well as carrying out frequent and costly laboratory analyses. Indeed, understanding when the sugars and acids reach their equilibrium point requires a lot of work.

A big change…

Now, thanks to the Algo-Wine software, wine experts have a strategy in science that helps them obtain, well in advance, the exact prediction of when the grape will reach its perfect moment of ripeness. How?
By means of complex algorithms that process thousands of pieces of information in just a few seconds.

They are able to work on the most diverse parameters, including, for example, the amount of light, heat, altitude, the orientation of the rows to the sun and water.
Indeed, depending on the type of wine they want produce, they are able to calculate the best time to harvest.

With Algo-Wine it is also possible to organize the management of the vineyards, grape processing, and cellar with maximum efficiency and the elimination of all waste. With this algorithm, you will be able to improve the quality and efficiency of the harvest.

The pioneers for wine algorithm

Algo-Wine has been successfully used by the first winery, Noceto Michelotti, located in Castel Boglione, in Italy.
The team of oenologists and the winegrower decided to combine their long experience in the field with a step towards digitalization. Also the big data technology was useful. Thanks to this “digital” reorganization of the grape selection process, they achieved significant results (up to 30% savings) at harvest time.

Many other algorithms have been developed in the industry, some focused directly on the grape while others on the soil. The research is still going on!

In conclusion, in the future scenario of Wine & Spirits, it will no longer be possible to work without technology.
People’s expectations are getting everyday higher and the answers from the competitors in the sector are becoming more prominent too.

So, stay tuned, and don’t lose any update from the Luxury Corner!

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