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A Shift to Sustainable Conscious Fashion

For many years now, we have been talking about safeguarding the planet and protecting people. Many are the industries that are considering this issue such as Hospitality. However, today, more than ever, we must apply these concepts to fashion, the second most polluting industry in the world. Transforming it into a more sustainable sector that includes both the principles of sustainable fashion and ethical fashion. We must shift to sustainable conscious Fashion.

Sustainable, eco-sustainable, and ethical fashion are the keywords. Sustainable fashion aims to establish a harmonious relationship both with the environment and with people. In the first case, it takes its cue from eco-sustainable fashion and in the second from ethical fashion.

Environmental Associations going against fashion brands

To reduce the environmental impact of the traditional fashion industry, environmental associations are being very useful. The main goal of these groups is to create a conscious fashion perception among people. For example, Greenpeace‘s fight against the impact of fashion industry practices of textile and clothing began in 2011 with the “Dirty Clothes” initiative. The groups of incriminated substances, still used today by many factories, were exactly eleven.

These are non-biodegradable substances that, therefore, with the washing of clothes, go to accumulate in wastewater causing significant environmental damage. Anne Bonhoff explained during an awareness-raising summit aimed at the fashion industry that the problem is not isolated to the supply chain, but also affects the consumer, who unwittingly continues to pollute the environment.

Thanks to the contribution of Greenpeace with its conscious fashion campaign, today many brands and production plants have decided to adhere to this revolutionary vision of fashion: Benetton, Zara, H&M, Nike, Puma, Mango, Levi’s, Adidas, Valentino and the textile district of Prato are just some of the international players in the clothing industry that are embarking on a corporate fashion path towards sustainability.

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