Innovative hotels for breathtaking experience

Innovative hotels for breathtaking experience

Go on holiday, enjoy a beautiful hotel and take advantage of it to rest. This programme already seems too classic to you? Then come and discover the 10 most incredible hotels in the world. The result of a crazy idea: innovative hotels for breathtaking experience

However, you might as well be warn right away, not all of these innovative hotels for breathtaking experience are within reach of everyone’s budget. On the other hand, nothing would prevent you from working there in the future… or creating your own! Let’s take a good dose of inspiration and a change of scenery together!

First innovative hotels for breathtaking experience: Arctic TreeHouse Hotel (Finland)

Innovative hotels for breathtaking experience in Finland
Artic TreeHouse Hotel, Finland

Head north to discover this hotel of luxury flats nestled under the trees of Lapland. It is an ideal place to watch the Northern Lights in a unique blend of comfort and luxury in the heart of nature.

The panoramic view from the windows offers impressive views of the forest and the Arctic sky that you should admire from the comfort of your bed. Welcome to the Arctic Circle for unforgettable accommodation experiences.

Second innovative hotels for breathtaking experience : Jumbo Stay (Sweden)

Innovative hotels for breathtaking experience in Sweden
Jumbo stay, Sweden

In general, when we talk about sleeping on a plane, it is often unpleasant unless you have the budget to afford a business class seat. However, this very atypical hotel will reconcile you with aeroplane nights.

It is a Boeing 747 belonging to a Swedish company that went bankrupt in 2002 and convert into a hotel at the entrance to Stockholm Airport. It has 29 rooms and the most expensive – and simplest – room is in the pilot’s cabin. From here you can get a panoramic view of the airport. The prices are still quite affordable for a quirky experience!

Hanging Gardens (Indonesia)

Innovative hotels for breathtaking experience in Indonesia
Hanging Gardens, Indonesia

On the island of Bali you will find this stunning hotel in the middle of the jungle. Guests stay in beautiful suites with their own private terraces and breathtaking views. But the most striking feature is the splendid infinity pool. Which feels like it is suspend in mid-air and set in lush green surroundings.

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Ice Hotel (Canada)

Ice Hotel in Canada
Ice Hotel, Canada

Head to the beautiful province of Quebec to stay in this ephemeral hotel which is rebuilt every winter in December. The first and only ice hotel in North America, it has open its doors in 2001 and adopts a different shape every year. Its life expectancy is only about 3 months and reservations are highly recommended. Although the hotel is entirely made of snow and ice, a very comfortable bed awaits you despite the average room temperature of -3°C to -5°C! 

Skylodge Adventure Suites (Peru)

 Adventure Suites in Peru
Skylodge adventure suites, Peru

This unusual hotel offers 3 transparent capsules that hang from the mountain. 120 metres above the ground in the Sacred Valley of Cusco. The design of the hotel allows you to enjoy the view of the valley that descends just below your feet. However, the experience is well deserved ! Indeed, to reach the rooms you will have to climb a via ferrata of over 400 metres. The return journey is faster, but just as impressive with a zip line descent to the mainland!

Giraffe Manor (Kenya)

Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi’s hotel, Kenya

This is one of Nairobi’s most famous hotels, with a beautiful garden and sun terrace. The main feature of this hotel is that it allows you to spend the day in the company of giraffes, who don’t hesitate to stick their heads through the open windows! Impressive neighbours and a bit cumbersome, but a fantastic experience!

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